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Sep 6, 2011

Parkland Hospital! COME ON DOWN!

You're the next contestant on, THE PRICE IS RIGHT!..

I finally got the answer to the long burning question of, which hospital do I choose.  I have been waiting to make that decision, based on the quotes I received for paying out of pocket. I am still very hopeful mind you, that Blue Cross is going to come through for me, but I am going forward with my plan of paying out of pocket.

So.... First contestant.. UT Southwestern - Zale Lipshy
The discount they offer is strictly 25% off the hospital fees only.  Not supplies, not the anesthesiologist, but just the hospital.  Their facility fee? 
Anesthesia? $3400
Yeah... Right!

Next contestant!  Parkland Hospital.
Their discount?  They have a list of "codes" that are frequently denied by insurance companies in which they offer a "package" price.  This means hospital + Anesthesiologist.
Their rate?  For upper and lower jaw surgery...

Get this....

Wait for it...


I asked Dr. T's surgery schedule if she was absolutely sure that was the price, and she said she also did a double take and verified the price as well before she called me.  So...

Parkland it is...

At this point, even if insurance did approve my surgery, I would still chose Parkland.  I feel like even if its not my money I'm spending, its and act of faith to be a good steward of the money, regardless of where it's coming from  I can't see going with a choice that is so outrageous just because I can.

Still praying for insurance.

The space crisis

As noted prior, Dr. Simon wanted me in this morning to make some adjustments and create more space for the surgery.  I wasn't sure what that meant, but just as I had suspected she placed some springs on both sides of my upper teeth, between my canines and incisors.  She said my front teeth needed to be "flared" out more, to give my bottom jaw room to slide forward the 6+mm that it needed to move.  As it is now, my bottom teeth would crash into my top teeth and not go as far as it should.

She feels as if we have enough time to make the change, but I'm a little worried.  She made the comment, "I think this is what Dr. Tiwana would want us to do, but I don't know, he may decide we need to give it another month or so for more space."

Another month?!


I am stream rolling down this path and I don't want to get off now!  I have prepared mentally, physically, have my pantry stocked with Ensures and soups and have even cooked ahead and have frozen meals for my family to heat and eat while I'm recovering.

I need this to happen the first week in October as scheduled.

Please say a prayer that it continues as planned.

I am FINALLY meeting with Dr. T this Friday to have a chat and have him let me know if he feels I need upper and lower, or just the lower surgery done. I have been waiting for this appointment for what seems an eternity.  I have my list of questions ready and I hope he has the answers I have been desperately seeking.

To be continued.......