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Nov 1, 2010

Meet Dr. T. Dr. Simon’s character-ripping counterpart!!

So I met with the Maxillofacial Surgeon that is ultimately going to be doing my jaw surgery. 
Dr. Tiwana. 
He is awesome.  I saw him to discuss my wisdom teeth extraction, but he will also be doing my other suregery as well. He was so sweet, very calming and very informative.  He did however; throw another kink in my plans.  He mentioned the fact that he may need to reposition BOTH jaws, not just one.
REALLY?  Double-jaw surgery?
He wouldn’t know for sure until it got closer to surgery time.  Once Dr. Simon said I was good to go for surgery, he would then re-evaluate and determine if I needed single or bi-jaw surgery.
 In the meantime, his staff would be sending to BCBS for approval and would request both, that way if he only had to do one, we wouldn’t have to start from scratch.
In the mean time, let’s conquer the WISDOM TEETH!!
The braces are going great.  I am getting used to them, but still waxing several times a day.
Bring on the extractors!