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Sep 2, 2011

Never under estimate the power of the MOLD!

No, not the green kind.  Although that is equally as powerfully, hence penicillin, etc.

However; in my case, we are talking about the pink kind. 

In my last post I mentioned that Dr. Simon had taken new molds and that it would take about 2 weeks to get them back, and that we would need to wait until then to resubmit to BCBS for approval.

Of course, knowing that prayer can accomplish anything, I have been very prayerful that by some miracle they would come back early and we could submit sooner.
Well, praise God, they came back today.  One week later.

Immediately, Dr. Simon sent the records over to Dr. Tiwana's office for submission. The young lady I am working with at Dr. T's office was off today, and won't be back until Tuesday, so it won't happen until next week, unfortunately.  I guess she is entitled to time off from work.  I just with she would do it AFTER we get surgery approved.

Then Christi from Dr. Simon's office called back and said Dr. Simon needed me in ASAP.  Said that after looking at my molds she feels like Dr. T will want more space in a couple of places.  What does that mean? Guess I will find out first thing Tuesday morning when I go in for the adjustment.

Sounds like I may be taking advantage of my "soup" diet earlier than expected.  The good news is, she feels as if Dr. T. will be able to get by with only doing my bottom jaw.

I am going to be making my white chocolate mint ganache filled chocolate cupcakes on Monday to take to Dr. Simon's office on Tuesday.  Her office has been so supportive, and Dr. Simon is one of the best doctors I have ever worked with.  She is so patient, kind and informative, always calls me back herself and goes above and beyond to make me feel as if I am her only patient. Just a small gesture to say "Thanks."

Although, she is about a size 2 and probably never touches sugar! 
BUT, I'll bet she won't be able to resist the ganache!.

More on Tuesday....