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Sep 27, 2010

Simon Says!

Week one:  Let’s play, “Simon Says!”
Simon says: “Open your mouth.”
Simon says: “Hold your breath so you don’t taste the glue from the brackets”
Simon says: “Don’t Move”
Simon says: “Rinse!”
Simon says: “Spit!”
Close your mouth!
Simon didn’t say to close your mouth, open again!
Simon says:  “Use plenty of wax.”
Simon says: “Use lots of floss.”
Simon says: “Take lots of Advil!”

Boy did Dr. Simon know what she was talking about with the wax and the Advil!!
Holy Moly! Oh my goodness sakes graciousness this hurts! 
Not to mention I feel like a baby who is learning to use their lips for the first time!
And when did that big guy sneak in and punch me in the face?  I know that’s what happened, because there is NO way some measly little wires can cause this much pain! GOOD GRIEF!

Things I have learned this week:
·         Dental wax is your best friend. However, the package may indicate "non-toxic" but I have yet to find out how well the "incidental swallowing of wax chunks" will affect my digestive system.  OH and the fact that silicon ear plugs serve the same purpose as ortho wax and is MUCH MUCH cheaper. 
·     Never, and I mean NEVER be fooled by the seemingly innocent, soft bean burrito, as it is NOT your friend and will wreak havoc on very tender front teeth.

·         I'm too old for this.

·     In regards to those lovely brackets on your teeth that are created to hold the rubber bands, while they may LOOK very much like antennas, they do NOT increase reception on the Texas / OU game and it does not bring in HDTV.

·         I'm too old for this…..I'm too old for this
And finally

·         I'm too old for this…….