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Oct 9, 2011

Final Preparations

The weekend has been filled with lots of final plans and preparations.

Plans made for a responsible adult to come and stay with our boys - Check!

Lots of soup - Check
Lots of Ensure - Check
Applesauce - Check
Juices, Gatorade, teas - Check

Eyebrow Wax - check
Pedicure - Check
Hair cut - Check

Pumkin patch trip with Canyon - Check
Canyon and I even had time to decorate said pumpkins to have some Mommy-Son time before surgery.  See pictures of Matilda the pumpkin (Matilda has the bow in her hair) and Pigman the pumpkin.  Well, it was Pigman until Canyon decided he/she needed some earrings.  I'm not sure what the new gender-appropriate name is, but for now, its still Pigman.

The weekend was actually very peaceful.  Except for my haircut.  You see the girl that always cuts my hair, took it upon herself to volunteer to teach on a mission trip in India.  Without giving any regards to who was going to cut my hair, she just picked up and left the country for a few months.  Can you imagine the gall?  HA!
So against my better judgement, and because I didn't really have a choice, I let someone else touch my hair.


This has to be the worse hair cut I have ever had!  I feel like I have been scalped, or that I look like a dog with mange!  The only thing positive is that it is UBER low maintenance and I won't have to worry about it while I'm recovering.  I just hope it grows enough while I'm out that I can do something with it when I go back to work. Oh well... There are worse things I guess. I mean, after all it IS October, and I could shave it completely off to support Breast Cancer awareness month.

Other than that, I feel completely prepared and at peace regarding this entire process. I thank God each and every day for my support system of family and friends and for such a great team of Doctors!

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