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Oct 12, 2011

Day 2

Swelling has taken up residence!

Being home from the hospital made such a difference.  It just felt good to be home, in my own space and, even if not in my own bed, I was in my own recliner.  Not to mention its also comforting when your little dog takes up post at your feet to protect you from whatever it was that caused your face to look like that in the first place.  LOL.

She hasn't left my side since I got home. Once she figured out who I was!

My pain level has still been pretty high. Most of the time 7 or 8 out of 10.  When the pain meds kick in, I get a good 2 1/2 hours of pain relief and then it escalates.  I must admit I have spent most of the day watching the clock waiting for more pain medication.  I hate this feeling, not to mention I have been getting severe headaches that I feel are caused by the pain medication.  But I do know its part of recovery, and again, I am very thankful that I'm not numb. I started alternating Ibuprofen with the Norco and its helping with the headaches a little.  Hopefully, it will help with the swelling a bit as well.

I haven't mentioned this, but a big thing about my lips and tongue not being numb is that I can speak.  The splint makes it difficult to speak clearly, but I am fairly understandable. Its very exhausting and I work pretty hard at it, but its still easier than using a white board.

My appetite has been fairly non existent, so not being able to eat hasn't been a problem yet.  Sharon has been very good at making sure I get something in my tummy before taking any meds.  This is a good thing because if it were left up to me, I wouldn't be eating anything. I say "eat", but what I really mean is, Ensure, chicken broth, or apple sauce.  Actually, I had forgotten how much I like apple juice and apple sauce. I have rather enjoyed them.  Chocolate Ensure isn't half bad either.

Sharon's Mom dropped by and brought a beautiful plant with pink flowers.  She is such a precious woman and just her presence made me smile.  Well... at least half of a smile!

Tried to watch a couple of movies today and just can't seem to get through a whole movie without falling asleep. I know rest is good and is a requirement, but I have about an hour of awake time during each "cycle" and then I'm groggy again.  Put on Steel Magnolias in the middle of the night to pass the time while I was awake.  It was good because I enjoyed the funny parts and passed out before it got to the sad part.

That's really all there is to report today.  Lots of pain and swelling.  Eating (drinking) okay, a little nauseous here an there, but for the most part, just a day of sleep.

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